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Good Evening, Flowers! It's been another cold day in my neighborhood -- it was -6 this morning and warmed up to 4 this afternoon. Whoopee! The wind is blowing but the sun did shine all day. We had lots of money to count this morning since the children's program was yesterday and more people were in church. Just as one was ready to get on the computer, and I was ready to copy checks, the copy machine repairman shows up. He set me back a good 45 minutes, and I was antsy to get going. If it's a small deposit we could skip copying the checks but with $18,000+ the secretary thought I should make copies. By the time I picked up the gift shop money and got home it was almost noon. I had to run a couple errands this afternoon and stopped for a few groceries so am now home for the night. Bob had practice and a meeting right afterwards so won't see him for a couple more hours.

Maggie -- Glad your bil arrived safely and you're enjoying a nice visit. I don't think as many homes have outside lights this year, or else they are just late in putting them out. I enjoy a drive in the country to see the farm lights.

Susan -- I'm glad the winter storm missed you. I was wondering as I watched the national weather news. I know I wouldn't decorate a tree if I lived by myself. Yesterday we finished the tree and I had two tiny stuffed fabric ornaments just laying on the end table. Today when I came home both were clear across the room next to the feline toy box. Mr. Blue Eyes looked at me just like he was going to say, "I didn't do that!" I haven't seen the mouse he took off with so am guessing it's under the loveseat and he can't get to it.

"Gma" -- I hope you are feeling better by now! I know there is flu going around. Bob's secretary is having so much trouble with her leg swelling. She was supposed to have her knee stitches out today but the surgeon left them in. She has whatever it is called when they remove lymph nodes and the body accumulates the fluid that the lymph system moves around the body. She feels good and would like to come to the office to walk the "loop" but is confined to her small house because of having home health care help.

Guess I will turn the outside Christmas lights on and start pulling shades and blinds so as to keep the cold out and the heat in. Hope you all enjoy a nice warm evening!
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