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Good afternoon gals. Just a short post as I am not feeling well today. I feel fluish, but I made sure my blood sugar is ok and it is so guess I just have the blue funk. I can't get warm, am achy and have a horrible headache. I haven't gotten anything done, but working on the laundry and doing up the dishes.

Maggie: I am so glad you bil got there ok. Jay and Alicia left for home yesterday morning at 6:30 AM. There were 5 semi accidents within first 100 miles and it took them 5 hours to get that far!!! They didn't get home until 9:30 PM their time and they had school and work this morning.

Jean: Oooh, I love "Carol of the Bells." Thomas's winter concert is tomorrow night so I sure hope I am feeling better by then. I hate missing his concerts. Chicken sounds yummy. We are having cold shrimp for me and crab cakes for Jack. He is having tater tots and I am having a couple of them, but mostly vinegar coleslaw. I made it this morning and it is nice and mixed up so it will be great. I use Truvia for the sugar substitute, red wine vinegar, and a bit of canola oil.

Susan: I don't think they are going to reschedule. You would be a real Scrooge to contact St Jude's and tell them you want your donation back since they didn't race so they did get money. It was mostly disgruntled runners. Sunday was much worse. It was foggy and icy and horrible. We got out and back from the commissary though so at least we have groceries now.

Gals, I am going to go wrap up in a blanket and finish watching "Love It or List It" until Jack gets home in an hour. Have a great start to your week. Faye
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