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Today happens Once-Enjoy!
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Height: 5' 2.5"...Set a Achievable goal weight & U will get There...


November= *vomiting blood 2x & unable to stand/walk; ER, internal bleeding, my body in shock; tubed & clip inside me to stop bleeding; ICCU 2 days w rude nurses & a blood transfusion; 1 day GI floor w kind nurses; home again & restriction diet for 2 weeks. No more nSaids, during my lifetime, only Tylenol for pain. My Ultrasound for 3 breast lumps was inconclusive again & repeats in May (same lumps for last 4 yrs., MRI's have false/positive results & biopsies increase cancer risk).

Okay that's why I've been MIA, not a pleasant holiday for me. DH has his cancer CT & checkup in a few weeks & he still refuses to take a RX for his bipolar & he's like living w a female w a PMS hormone imbalance & 'emotional' happy/angry yelling @ me daily. Jesus comforts me, but, having a better income would help me cope so much better daily without worries about bills. 18 yrs since we went on a trip to Florida, that trip would refresh my body & spirit this winter. But I am Blessed, I can: see, speak, hear & walk.

My 4 miniGoldenDoodle puppy litter was sold in 1 week, I sell them $300 less than other kennels do @ $400 per puppy. I'm not greedy like those dog breeders are; I want my puppies in family homes & I screen ppl & have a neuter/spade contract & use this income for medical payments.

Food wise I'm doing normal, but dread my lab for my pancreatitis, I've been eating sweets I'm back to my normal daily routine, but we have 4 Christmas dinner parties to attend this month, so I may ask Santa for a Fitbit wristband to monitor my body, about $120 I think.

Susie, I pray that John is doing well w his afib & that U r continuing to lose weight & close to your Christmas goal

Melly, you're a nurse so I am confident that U r on track w Dolvett's program, U can do this

Time to get back to work for my client's sewing orders now.
I wear size 10 jeans & size 12 top.. It looks like I'll b wearing a size medium Foreverrr... ...because this chick doesn't go to the gym or diet... Do something Daily that makes 'You' feel content. Dee
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