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Good morning, ladies! 37 degrees and rain right now but headed for 45 this day. We've had rain for the last few days but it never got cold. The winter storm passed us to the west. Richmond is 50 miles from here and they get snow a lot and we get none at all - and I glad for that!

I've been doing Christmas things - had a covered dish with First Thursday Bee last Thursday, and open house on Saturday, and brunch with friends yesterday. Since I'm by myself, my decorating consists of hanging the Christmas tree quilt on my front door, the angel on the lamp post and getting out my fake poinsettia for the coffee table. Faye, I'm glad they cancelled the race, too. No need to go out and break a leg! Did they cancel the whole thing or are they rescheduling it?

Jean, I'm sure Casper would have a Christmas tree knocked over by now. He has to be on top of everything, the higher the better. He surely is into everything!

Maggie, I know you'll enjoy you sandwich maker. I saw them at Walmart here. I hope they get the roads open so you BIL can get to your house.

Have a wonderful Day...I'm off to applique Bee at Bella Fabrics.

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