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Pamatga - thank you for "IMHO, "Oh Well" is cliff notes of the Serenity Prayer"!

Maryann - so sorry to hear of your disappointment. What is it with bureaucracies and their inability to look a the big picture rather than which boxes are ticked??? I have a saying for times like this "when one door closes, another one opens". And invariably what is behind that other door is so much cooler than the one I was trying so damn hard not to let shut. Hope it pans out that way for you.

Ceejay - when I have been in the space it sounds like you are in I have found it has helped me to focus on credits and make myself find something I deserve credit for each day - looks to me like you deserve a heap of credit for staying committed to this weightloss and making the effort to read the posts even in such a busy and challenging time. You go girl!

4 points for me today as I was 100% OP plus some bonus exercise with the new travel plans. I so enjoyed my ride - I recently changed the handlebars on my bike to make it a more upright riding position (in the hope of avoiding back injuries) - it makes it feel like a very hippy trippie stop and smell the roses kinda ride. I was wearing a skirt today too which added to the feeling. Backpack worked a treat too :-) credit to me for stopping and smelling the roses :-)
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