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Hello everyone,

I am still here---just mostly in lurker mode. I have been so busy and barely able to keep up with reading let alone posting. Your posts help so much. Just knowing that it is possible to wrestle this monster into submission is comforting. Maybe I will be there someday. Some days I am eating healthy, exercising, reading cards, logging food and doing all the good things I know help me. Other days I am overeating and eating too much sugar/fat/salt. I am in a constant state of turmoil- when I am eating healthy I worry about when I am going to mess up and when I am eating badly I am unhappy and distressed. I am generally a pretty happy person and am so sick of this being the one thing in my life that is hurting me. How can I be competent in so many parts of my life but so unable to deal with food?

Sorry for that rant. I hope this does not sound too much like self-pity.

Plan for tomorrow:
eat planned healthy meals and snacks
ride exercise bike
read response and advantage cards
don't eat any sugar
log progress at Sparks

Take care everyone

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