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Good Morning, Flowers! It is windy and cold with light snow falling. The ground is covered so guess the weatherman was serious this time around. Bell practice was horrible this morning! It was like we'd never seen either piece before! But when we "performed," I at least, didn't screw up my part. We played Carol of the Bells and What Child is This; I don't play much in either one and it's hard to concentrate and keep my mind on the music when I'm not playing.

Maggie -- I hope your rain doesn't freeze and your brother-in-law arrives safely. He was wise to stay put in Texas. The older I get, the more I pay attention to warnings about the possible storms. Glad your breakfast sandwich maker is a keeper!

I have got to finish the tree today! I worked on it awhile yesterday, but lost interest. I have several glass or breakable ornaments to sort through since I'm not putting them on the tree this year. Sonny found the stuffed mouse that every other cat has played with over the years. It doesn't have cat nip in it, but I hang it low hoping they will leave the rest alone. He had it off in record time and hid it under a chair. Like I've said before, "he is like having a two year old" again.

Bob is picking up chicken dinners and one for his secretary. I may be on call tomorrow to take her to her doctor's appointment in the afternoon. Hope you all enjoy a special day today!
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