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hi everyone,
i was just reading your posts and i thought you might be interested to know someone who is using optifast - me!

so, i've lost some weight, about 14.6 kilo's actually. ⅓ of the way to my goal. i weigh in again tuesday. if i haven't lost (i've been on 4 plateaus already) i don't know what i'll do.

i MUST step up the exercise to SOME from NONE. that's first.

then , well i must follow 100%. i do mostly. i am committed , dedicated, this is my last go.

i'm in ketosis but i skipped breakfast because saturday night i had a 20 gram-ish piece of nougat, and i am obsessing about it. so i'm now worried about not eating enough, and putting my body into a starvation mode which i don't want. grrr

anyway, tomorrow morning - maybe even tonight - i will start again with my exercise. yich, i hate exercise.

but i love my dreadmill for some reason. it's perfect. it sits in our comfortable spare room, under a fan, and i can hear music, telly, anything i want in there. it's close to my DH and pups too.

so, no excuses.

then i have strength-building stuff. dumbells and a stretch band. i keep them by the couch and do them in front of the tv, 3x a week, very comfortable-like. i'm so spoilt.

anyway the point of this post is to tell you i'm on optifast and losing. it seems to work when nothing else ever did. i'm 55 so i have been around, and tried EVERYTHING since i was about 15.

love and kisses to you all, i would enjoy a response and i will answer any questions. cheers, saraphin xxx
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