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Default hello from oz

hi everyone!. i'm so happy to have found this thread/forum/whatever it's called. i'm new here.

i'm on optifast VLCD. i've been on it for 12 weeks and i've lost 14.5 kilo's.

i am on medication - lots of different things - and that holds me back a bit i think. because of the low calories you have low energy. in fact i've also heard this optifast called a VLED.

i have low energy anyway for a number of other reasons (it sucks) and i HATE exercise. i was doing weights (only 15 minutes) but i stopped 2 weeks ago for some reason i found. oh yeah my son came over from melbourne. so i stopped my strength training. duh

ok so i'll start it again TOMORROW yes i will. there, it's in writing and you've all seen it. that makes it a COMMITMENT.

now, my dreadmill. well i DO have a sore foot….i thought i would stay off my dreadmill for a couple of weeks, so it heals, but it feels ok today, so i really should start that again tomorrow too. oh god. help me. big deal (not) it's only a few minutes for crying out loud! (self-talk) and i spend HOURS sitting here, wasting time LOL.

nice to chat. optifast. what can i tell you? it gets easier, as you go along. it is a ketosis diet so it SUPPRESSES HUNGER. but, you MUST STICK 100%. i am committed, rock solid like.

so, don't even THINK about it, unless you can pull up your big girl panties and grit your teeth . it's hard, but it WORKS so the rewards are to-die-for

from saraphin
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