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Good Evening, Flowers! It's -5 right now heading down to -10 according to the weatherman. We made a two hour drive to have lunch with Bob's 96 year old aunt and two of his cousins. One is moving from Chicago to the southern Atlantic side of Florida. We asked her about what she would do when a hurricane was coming. She said she will take the first plane heading north! His aunt is more spry than I am!

Maggie -- I'll bet Will gets a kick out of playing Santa. I'm sure the kids enjoy him. We have retired guys who comb the parks and beaches with metal detectors. Bob is getting Oliver suspenders for Christmas! Several times he has mentioned he's getting just like his dad and always hiking up his pants. He probably won't wear them but it will be good for a laugh. Have fun with your new gadget!

"Gma" -- I sure don't blame you for staying home tomorrow! From the forecast and looks of the map on tv tonight, I wouldn't be surprised if it gets cancelled. I sent my first Christmas card on November 25th, to Lebanon. I hope she gets it because sometimes they don't get their mail. I'm not sure what the internet page would be on an iPad. I hate to mess with the settings and screw it up even more.

I'm watching IPTV and right now The Texas Tenors are on. The network is fund raising and will have different celebrities performing all weekend. Have a great weekend!
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