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Yes, I noticed that their foods are really carby and not diabetic, gluten-intolerant or vegetarian friendly. I can sort of see why they don't have more foods that are for gluten-intolerant people because if the consultant makes a mistake and gives someone with celiac disease a food with gluten and the person gets ill from it, that could be a potential lawsuit for them. And to add more vegetarian items would mean they'd need more room to stock addtional items and the storage area is pretty small to begin with. As for the diabetic foods, that was a question I got asked a lot from clients when I worked there. I know they had a specific plan for diabetics, but it was very limited back then. They won't take on people who have nut allergies either, because many of their foods may contain nuts or be processed on machines that have previously been processing nut products, so they can't take the chance.

But I just don't get why their meals have to be so carby. Why not have more meat and veggie dishes? I do think people would lose a bit faster. But maybe that's what they to lose at a slower pace so that we stick to the program longer. Everything comes down to the almightly dollor after all.

This is why I do 3 MyDays on Jenny and only order 4 days of food each week. On my days off Jenny I concentrate on higher protein foods and veggies.

I have to say, though, I do love my sweets and live for those JC cinnamon rolls and other sweet breakfasts. I'm just glad I can control my sweet tooth and not go overboard on sugary treats like I used to.

I haven't noticed you checking in on the Christmas challenge lately. I hope to see you there soon.

Oh, almost forgot to mention that I went to Disneyland yesterday with my 19-year-old daughter (she took me for an early Christmas gift). We had so much fun and I ate all my JC food before we left except for the fruit, which we brought with us. The food smells were Heavenly, but I held strong all day long. First time going there and not eating at the park. And I dropped 0.2 to boot! Woo hoo!!

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