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Originally Posted by Paisleymama View Post
Yes, I have a can a day. It's one of my two vices, along with dark chocolate.
I do want to cut it out of my diet eventually but I'm not prepared to do it yet. It ties me over in the afternoons.
I don't think that moderate consumption of dark chocolate (specifically dark chocolate) is a vice.

I go back and forth on the diet soft drink thing. Right now I drink two cherry coke zeroes a day most day. I sometimes have a caffeine free coke zero in the evening (I don't drink caffeine containing drinks in the evening).

I do try not to eat/drink too much artificial sweeteners (just because...not because of any specific proof they are bad for you). But, I can't give up the caffeine. I keep trying to find a drink with caffeine and no calories but no artificial sweeteners. I hate coffee. Tea I am more neutral about. I don't love the taste but don't hate it. But, it seems sort of like a pain to make tea for one person. I would want it iced, not hot. Usually when I see it made it is for a large quantity which is fine for a group but not for just one.
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