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Hi Everyone! Happy holiday season! I know I haven't posted in about a month. I've been fine. Went up about 3-4 pounds during the past 2 weeks when my sister was visiting and Thanksgiving holiday came and went. I enjoyed it. Now I'm back on P 1 for a few days and then I'll be careful during the next 2 weeks. This maintenance is really a continuing process. I'm going on 8 months of maintenance and am really happy about that!

Ishbel: Congrats! How wonderful! It's been an amazing year for you!

Lizzy, wow! One year!

Maile, how was Hawaii?

Epaprn, sorry to hear about your miscarriages and other challenges. Sending light and love and hugs your way.

Patns, a book thread sounds great.

Beck, congrats on a GK! Yes, they are wonderful.

Last January my daughter's MiL started IP. She was ready to have surgery but saw me and my smaller body and decided to try IP. She as lost over 75 pounds and looks fantastic! Another friend of my also began last spring and has lost ove 65 pounds. It feels really wonderful to have inspired others to stay OP and lose their weight.

I'm determined to keep this off and not regain, but I admit that it's an Ongoing effort.

Warm hugs to you all!
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