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Smile Day Sixteen: Prevent Unplanned Eating

Day 16: Prevent Unplanned Eating: I see that Dr. Beck's food plan has a model of writing out your food plan first and then at the end of the day checking off the foods that you didn't eat and then adding in the foods that you did eat.

I don't do my food plan that way. Like many of us, I am a creature of habit so I pretty well know ahead of time what I will eat for most meals. However, when I depart from that to a certain extent is when I dine out. The way that I have learned to handle that is to frequent the same restaurants so I know their menus really well and I know exactly what I will eat prior to ordering. However, yesterday broke my streak. I had my food plan already configured and I went to a restaurant we have frequented for ten years.

Since we were eating between lunch and dinner menus, what I had pre-planned was not available for another hour so I had to make a change in my meal on the spot. It caused me to go over in my calories for the day. The primary reason being how the food was served and not having pre-configured the calories in them. I have been thinking today how I might have handled that differently since this BDS is also about problem-solving.

MikeB I do not physically read my ARC cards (from 18 months or so ago) simply because I have them memorized. I did reread them recently and nothing has changed in both my reasons for losing weight, the problems that I still encounter that are probably unique to me and how to go about losing the extra weight as well as maintaining that weight loss. I am sure that many here would echo that. I am "home alone" all day so I know enough to stay out of the kitchen unless it is meal or snack time. I have to create structure into my life because it is a blank page. I am semi-retired, which I love, but it does bring its own particular challenges.

Like many others here, I have a couple of chosen phrases as my "mantras" that I use. "No deep fried, no bread or rolls and no unplanned dessert items." is the one I use the most when scanning a menu. I now need to add, "no sauces or cheese." as well. Or I was thinking that maybe the four Bs " Baked, Broiled and Bare Bones." That should help make the food choices easy to make when in a pinch. So, this is (like so many things in life) a "work in progress".

My strategy is keeping myself on a "short lease". It is boring and sounds lackluster--no magic bullets here I am afraid. I once read a quote about war but I think it also applies to the "battle of the bulge" : "Eternal vigilance is the price of freedom." I have accepted that this is something that I will do until my dying breathe although I may skip logging my food plan the day before my last day...we'll see..

So, ForMyGirls, I am back to square one with one point. I did do my free weight workouts while watching "Santa Clause" with Tim Allen last night.
I love to exercise, even sore muscles, and I got DH to join me since he too is now experiencing arthritis in his left knee. It is an occupational hazard I am sure.

All, great job on keeping on task, no matter what that might be.

Take care, Pam

P.S. Lulu. I too have returned after a long while. It now feels like home. Great group of Beck enthusiasts here. I too am re-reading the pink book. I am about 2 weeks in.

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