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I'm gonna get so much hate for saying this...but I don't like cheese! People think I'm a freak most of the time. I don't mind mozzarella on pizza, but if a pizza has too much cheese it's gross to me!

Random rant over.

I can only salute people who can give something up. I've tried to give up Cola in the past, but then I decided I would only drink it when I ate out (which at the time wasn't often). Now I live on my own it's so easy to drink Cola when I want, especially since there are a multiple vending machines on my way home from work that sell it. Darn you temptations!

I think it's a brave (or stupid?) time of the year to try and cut something out, personally I always wait until after Christmas to start something new health wise! But all the more props to ya if you can do it! Good luck!
Taking a break from 3FC, thanks guys!

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