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Hi Everyone I had a wonderful holiday with my family. The sweet potato casserole turned out well.

I don't feel that I overdid on the food on Thanksgiving, except I did have two desserts but I spread them out through the day.

I have my decorations up and I have done some shopping. I will do a bit on-line shopping here in just a little while. My goal is to be done and wrapped by December 14 in case on December 16 they tell us we should/can do the ablation for DH before the end of the year.

I am enjoying your "remembering Mel" posts. I am getting to know her and you all as well as I see how you each remember her.

Annie: Your C is very lucky that you are going to be there to help him get on track. I do think that he should schedule a doctors visit and be assessed. A hernia can go bad quickly. My Father-in-law had to deal with that this past fall. All turned out well but it could have been very scary.

I am about to go get some laundry out and get some online shopping done before the Country Christmas show comes on at 8 p.m. I will be singing right along with them.

See you all tomorrow.
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