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I'm getting ready to take my poodle for a walk right now. I have unexplained pain my my left side (7 years now) and most recently in my right shoulder and upper arm, so I can't do my exercise dvds which use a lot of arm exercises.

Now, if drinking more water can make you drop 100 pounds in a day or two, I'm going to drown myself in it. Just kidding...I'm messing with you because of your weight loss typo above. I don't think you'd want to weigh 101.5 anyway; I'd have to come over and start force feeding you burgers to get your weight back up to 150.

My weight is still hanging in the 164s, but I need to have a drop within the next 3 days for my official weigh in on Thursday. I'm going to try interval walking (alternating walking at a normal pace for a minute then walking super fast for a minute). I was reading how this burns way more calories all day long.

Okay, off to get my walk on! Have a nice day ladies.

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