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I had an on-plan day yesterday, so back at it for me - count +1 on my side. Struggled to not snack and had eaten a very light lunch, anticipating a larger dinner, but we went another route - so it was on track and ate 60% of it and left the rest for tomorrow's lunch, I hope. Forgot it in the fridge today when I was prepping my lunch (very light, hopefully not TOO light). Dinner will be out and I plan to enjoy all of the salad and half of the entree. I think DH will take the remainder in for his dinner tomorrow night, as he heads into working nights now.

Testing continues on my mom; hopefully they can identify what the issue is. Perhaps a skeletal crew there over the holiday weekend meant less speed on results? I don't know but am keeping fingers crossed that they can figure this out and her pain dissipates.

Anticipate checking in with credits from smart eating tonight. Indulgent - a bit, but not supremely so. Won't see DH for a week after tonight. I leave him with reminders for all of the basics. Be sure to snuggle the cats. Be sure to fill all pets' water bowls. And food bowls. And...and...and I'm sure he's thinking he married a dingbat.

So close ... now so far!
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