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lizzy Don't get me wrong, MacDonald’s has called my name and so has a commercial on Tostitos and cheese dip. I'm just managing to keep it 'small' indulgences' and still only once weekly as my goal it to let the weight 'creep' up. But it really is tomatoes and Christmas oranges that are calling my name. My sisters said nothing really changed for them either so maybe I'm lucky? SALT, oh my...I love salt right now! ha!

I'm feeling better, the sinus infection is done and I managed to get all 11 items done off my 'to do' list yesterday. Had I included 'nap' on the list I would have completed 12. I even got a light workout in which made me feel REALLY good. I wanted to do more than 30 minutes but after such a break I decided to take it slow and keep it to 30 minutes per workout this week. Speaking of tomatoes I had some cherry tomatoes that looked a 'little old' to be in a salad that I almost tossed but decided that would be wasteful and baked them with parmesan flavored olive oil and garlic. After they were cooked I added some mozza on top and sprinkled some epicure pizza herbs on top. SO SO SO good, might have to do it again!

I’ve popped (early I think but what do I know?), I don’t think Martha is helping me though so I’m already in mat tops. VIP was gone for 7 nights and 6 days and he came back to a belly LOL.

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