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Thumbs up Monday - New Moon

Diet Coaches/Buddies 12 day streak on plan, CREDIT moi. Boy, that feels good. When I was first losing weight, this happened all the time. It's beginning to feel right again. We took most of the fudge to a dance class DW and I are taking in preparation for an upcoming family event where there'll be dancing. With video cameras everywhere, there's always the fear that someone will conjure the notion that someone dancing poorly would make a good YouTube contribution. Reminds me that the whole family used to like to watch 'Candid Camera' back in its day. Avoided snacking at fellowship hour, at the dance, and in the evening when stuff in the house is calling. DW kept some of the fudge for herself - wish she hadn't - but it sits marked with her name just as clearly as if with a large black marker. Both lunch and dinner were made from leftover turkey for the third straight day. It's a badge of honor since DW and I are at odds about the size of turkey to buy. I think 20 pounds is the proper size; she bought a 13 pounder. We have ample leftovers with that; she insists that it'll spoil before it gets consumed.

Exercise was a pair of walks, CREDIT moi. It wasn't exactly raining, but wasn't exactly not, either. Walked without an umbrella (that was in my pocket) but had to hang my coat, hat, and gloves to dry when we got home.

Joy (gardenerjoy) Congrats on meeting your November exercise goal as well as for that exercise streak of 134 days.

CeeJay - Yay for the uplifting, "I am not giving up. Ever."

Cheryl (seadwaters) Great line, "Had a plan and followed it - no sweets, no wheat, no sneaky carbs." Even with only two flights of stairs you still passed your walking goal of 5000 steps.

Pam (pamaga) Really good point that it's worth fighting the tendency to be perfect. As Joy (gardenerjoy) noted, she lost her weight at 80-90%. I need the streak right now to break some bad habits that have built up and because it serves my contrarian mind to be rigorous doing the eating season when it's easy to add a few pounds. Jealous of your late fall apples.

maryann - I want my own tractor for Christmas. Doesn't matter that our city yard is measured as a few hundred square feet. Or that I don't know how to drive a tractor. Congrats on that ticker down.

nationalparker Here's hoping that your mom gets released in good shape. Ouch for the super late night work (from home, I presume). Watching the scale in detail can be deadly, particularly since water weight and GI track are much larger than the short term changes in muscle, fat, and tissue.

Readers -
day 8 Create Time and Energy

what are you thinking?
John also had a rule: I have to keep my home in perfect order. Since his wife was busy with other things (and just didn't care as much as he did about how their house looked), much of the household chores fell to him. It wasn't until John relaxed his standards that he finally created enough time and energy to devote to dieting.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), pg 105.
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