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Smile Day Fourteen-Plan for Tomorrow

Welcome December, the final month of 2013!

The only thing that I did yesterday that I "overdid" was watching holiday movies. Three in one sitting. I finally had to "prepare" for today the last half hour of "It's A Wonderful Life".

Day 14: Plan for Tomorrow: Today ends the two weeks of "prep" work before actually culling all of the BDS skills to apply to both my food plan and workout program. As I have said I did a jump start when ForMyGirls "challenged" the group in seeing how long of a streak we all can go. It appears that all of these seasoned "coaches" can "go the distance". I don't know about anyone else but I am feeling the internal pressure of having to do this in a perfect way so I am also fighting that tendency as well. However, I have had 6 consecutive days of being OP with my meal plan as well as working out. I like to do either yoga or Pilates on Sunday for my arthritis. Hatha yoga is recommended for arthritis and I have returned to that after decades of not. I feel so much better afterwards when I do.

As for "planning for tomorrow", I have been logging my food daily for 324 days this past year. Five and a half months of that time I sent my food plan to a food sponsor. That was an added pressure since I felt like I had to explain every nuance of what I ate. It was always more about me than her but again that perfectionist tendency seems to rear its ugly head and I have to "let go" often enough until it disappears.

gardenerjoy I just noticed that in your photo you are "all green": your tomatoes, your sweater and your bush behind you. TG you have red hair or you just might "disappear". I am with envy on the size of your produce. I too am a gardener but I battled squirrels all summer for my tomatoes. I am part of a community of organic gardeners and we all were saying that we don't mind the squirrels taking a tomato here and there but don't eat two bites and then leave it on the ground to rot. Doesn't their mother squirrels tell them this when they are growing up?

BBE I too have had lots of leftover turkey, cold in sandwiches, along with a glass of skim milk and an apple. This year we bought a half-bushel ( 20 lbs) from an apple orchard in Blue Ridge, GA, which is near the base of the Appalachian mountains, right on the border of TN, GA and SC. Wow, the best apples that I have eaten in ages. I think we are going to take a drive and get more. We are almost finished with 20 lbs and we haven't even had them three weeks.

I did remember that you start a new thread every month. That is a great idea, especially if the group is active. I remember wondering where everyone went last time around. This time I remembered!

BTW, great job on your streak. You are the longest in the group thus far. I am sure passing on fine chocolates has a great deal to do with that. Great job in exercising the most important muscle in our respective bodies: the resistance muscle.

nationalparker I totally agree with you on "if it goes down too easy, beware!" Isn't it interesting that most of the "former offenders" are just that? No coincidence, I am sure.

I am sorry to hear about your Mom. You and your family are in my thoughts and heart. Let's hope Mom's healing can "stick" and she doesn't have to return. I have always believed the speediest healing happens while at home and surrounded by our own familiar surroundings.

Take care all, Pam

P.S. ForMyGirls, my OP streak for both my workouts and food plan is now at 12 points for this past week and counting.

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