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Good Morning, Coaches.

Credit walk this morning and OP yesterday. Big Credit for moving the ticker down for the first of the month. 2.2 pounds left to goal - because 149.8 counts That gives me three weeks to lose two pounds ( and that does not sound easy knowing how slowly I lose weight)

DH was very helpful and comforting yesterday which I appreciate. The three of us are going out to the ranch to take our annual Xmas card picture. DS will be on his very own tractor. DH said it was the smallest Tenco they make. Whether or not that is still ok for an 11yo remains to be seen. But I am keeping silent. Our family has always maintain the agreement that I am in charge of education and DH is in charge of motorized vehicles.

Pamatga: I agree completely with you. Cravings arise from an insufficient or incorrect diet. For me, I have discovered foods I am sensitive which cause cravings. I have added some supplements and taken out some foods and it has made a big difference.

Seadwaters: I have eliminated dairy for over three months and it has made a big difference. I use coconut milk, and it is yummy in a smoothie as well.

nationalparker: 2 a.m. work nights is not easy. I don't know how you do it.

gardenerjoy and BBE: Congrats on your streaks. Impressive.

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