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Well, I have to admit that last night wasn't the lightest - dinner (at home) of leftovers didn't include anything green as green bits in the stuffing don't count. I took one small serving of what I wanted, but could have cut the options down and not reheated everything. DH was trying to tempt me with a half slice of apple pie, but I stood firm. Another late night of job work until 2 a.m. ... up this morning to ensure that there are no issues with the data... waiting for the all-clear.

So my last night wasn't the lightest night, so I'm not adding in a point for yesterday, but will honestly say that five of the last six days I've done well except for that blip meal of too many simple carbs. There should be a warning in my mind: if it goes down easy...beware

Mom is still in hospital and looks like she may be released tomorrow. Keeping fingers crossed that she doesn't pick up an infection while there, but that she's released when things are stable, not too soon, thus necessitating a return admittance - I think those are demoralizing.

Goals today are smart breakfasts and lunches and if we go out to dinner tonight for a belated dinner date put off from last week, to eat half my portion and bring the remainder home, eat slowly, and to not go there ravenous.

Bill - thank you for remembering the December new thread. I forgot and went to the old one. MAJOR kudos for 11 days on plan and counting. Through the minefield of holiday food and leftovers and gifts. Wise and generous idea to bring the quality fudge with you to the fellowship.

Was watching the scale make it's minute descents from 172.0 ... 171.8 ... 171.6... but after last night, I think it's wise if I take a break this morning. (She says...)

Enjoy the last of the Thanksgiving weekend, U.S. posters!

So close ... now so far!
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