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Renee, Huge congrats to you!!!! You must feel so fantastic and be so thrilled! It's great seeing another success story!

If you are willing to share ... How long did it take you to erase those 41 pounds and did you have fairly steady losses the whole time? If you'd rather keep that private, no worries! There are no time tables for dieting, that's for sure!! But I am curious as to what typical loss rates are for IP dieters.

It would be cool to see avg statistics for the entire population of 3FC IP subscribers. But then again I love numbers. Call me a statistics maven. I dream of the day I can log into the 3fc site, surf to the IP page, and see a Daily Summary page:

"Our 530 IP subscribers lost 184 pounds yesterday and 1,043 pounds in the past week."
"And the total weight loss for all members for all time is 22,458 pounds."

It could run off the numbers people punch into their PROFILE (as members update their weights). Wouldn't that be a cool board-wide ticker to watch and marvel at ... as the collective weight of our entire board membership slowly shrinks!
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