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Hello fine ladies,

Made it back home safe and sound. We were sitting around my sister's house after a tasty dinner and DH suggested that perhaps we go back to the room, take a short nap and then head out in the wee hours of the morning rather than the 6am start we had planned on. Then he thought about it and suggested we just leave in the afternoon. I thought he might be tired but he said no - he ate more ham than turkey I had everything but the cold stuff packed and had already loaded up the car right after dinner so all I had to do was pack the cold and frozen things into those fantastic Trader Joe's cooler bags. We got back to the hotel only to find they never cleaned our room. Darn that always happens when they have especially good toiletries - and these were good Neutrogena products I was looking forward to using again. We packed the stuff out of the refrigerator, packed our clothes and were out and on the road by 5pm. We took Route 80 and headed west over to Rockford to bypass highway 355 because we figured it would be total madness by the huge mall up near Laura as that was about the time the pre-Black Friday sales events were starting. Got home at 1am. Was minus 2 degrees outside with about 2 inches of snow. Brrrrrr. I was really surprised at how much traffic was on the road in the evening. Thought for sure people would be inside visiting with friends and family. We got about 2/3 of the way home before the traffic lightened up. Today is sort of a blow off day. I didn't get to bed until 4am - put away the food, cleaned up the cat boxes, and unwound a bit then slept until 10:30 this morning. I have to finish unpacking - hoping DH will go out for fish fry Friday and then I am working the next 2 days at a Santa Photo event for the Humane Society. Monday I have a podiatrist's appointment, we are taking Nina to get her teeth cleaned since she will not let DH brush her teeth, I have physical therapy on Wednesday and work at the Thrift Shop Thursday afternoon. I also have until this coming Friday to finish up the work on my online course. It ended last week and I have 2 weeks grace to complete everything. Going to be a busy week ahead and then it's time to think about Christmas. I want to put a tree up but I don't have much room except on the loft area and seeing how Nina thinks everything is her personal toy... DH said they have some small potted spruce trees we could put on the table and then plant in the spring time. I'm feeling festive even if it's only going to be us this year. The cats survived 2 days by themselves just fine. We called to them when we walked in the door and it took them a while to rouse their sleepy selves and see what the commotion was all about. They seemed no worse for the wear which made me feel better about leaving them for short periods in the future.

Annie - yay for you on the free tablet! How nice of Sissy to gift you. DH was looking at my BIL's iPad - maybe thinking about it. Let us know what you think. So sorry to hear about DS's accident. I'm glad he's ok, even if a bit banged up. Poor Camry too - is it fixable? Interesting that the belts didn't lock or the air bag deploy. I have heard you should replace the belts periodically, particularly after you've had an accident. Our cars are 10 and 11 years old and I suggested replacing the seat belts and DH thinks it's a waste. UNTIL you get an accident. I hope your son will be ok - how nasty to hit the steering wheel that hard. Glad you had a nice Thanksgiving with the family.

Michelle - I was thinking along the same lines about December's thread and Mel. She did so love Christmas. Thanks for posting the cute Thanksgiving graphic too. Perhaps she is channeling through you!

Shad - so you had to fly all the way back home just for lab tests????? I'm glad to hear everything is stable and under control but geez, what an ordeal you have gone through. I am surprised by your comment about the private health care only being available during straight up business hours. That's how it is here but we are very rural and the doctor's split their time between 2 to 3 offices in different towns. That leaves the hospital emergency room for weekend care which it totally against everything I am used to but I guess it's more efficient out here. However you live in a large city - would think there was more available to you. Sounds like you will continue to have a busy time throughout the month.

Susie - how did the sweet potato casserole come out? I too hated working the corporate budget - didn't mind a personal budget but they always seemed to overcomplicate the one at work. How's your DH doing?

Michelle- sorry you lost the internet. Perhaps it would be a good time to work on your writing exercises. I survived better than expected without the internet, even read 2 books so I'm thinking I REALLY need to cut the computer time. With everything back to normal next week, I hope you get some feedback on your job search for now, enjoy the long weekend.

Ceejay - glad you had a good time at the uncles. Bummer on the tummy issues - happens when we have so many good things in front of us. Hard to be picky. I'm glad I ate lite for the travelling - especially when we decided to leave yesterday after dinner. I do have a few goodies packed to enjoy today. Did you take home a plate yourself? How's your weather? Did you get whacked by that Boreas storm affecting the east coast and Indiana?

Speaking of that did you get some of that too Annie? I thought it might have passed your way.

Laura - I'm sorry we did not have an opportunity to meet up. The time passed really, REALLY quickly for me. I'm thinking perhaps another trip in the spring. Was really jonesing on all the stores I miss up this way. Realized so many have locations in your part of the area that you really do live in a very good spot for variety and shopping. However shopping takes money and the temptation of all that good stuff would quickly drain the bank account. I was so desperate that I brought home a pork roast. Yes, a pork roast because you can't get good ones with dark meat on them out here. Perhaps we only have lean pigs or the stores put aside the good roasts for family and friends Black market meats. Or maybe people just love venison and fish and see no need for other things. Are you enjoying your 4 day weekend? Thanks for the movie review. Matthew does throw himself into his movie roles. Saw him promoting the movie on Jay Leno's show and he is still really gaunt. Looks like a super model and not in a good way!

We got home this morning on snow that fell in the last day or two and there was the tracks of 10,000 nomad animals all over the yard. The turkeys walked across the yard and came over to the house searching for food. They stopped short of climbing the stairs and pecking at the door. Didn't take long for the animal parade to return once DH put food out. He said between the birds, deer, turkeys and cats it's a full time job keeping up with them! This time of year we are especially concerned about feeding them. Gotta keep some fat on them to stay warm on these cold nights.

Well between sleeping in late, a few calls to catch up with folks, emails and a post here it's getting late and I haven't even showered or totally unpacked yet so I'd better get a move on.

Glad to be back. I missed you ladies. It's going to be an early start and a long day tomorrow and most of Sunday so I will probably be a lurker over the weekend. Have a good one.
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