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I agree with SMSDREAMER, binge eating is also emotional. I've had problems with binge eating for quite a while myself.

When I was in college, I'd randomly walk to the vending machine and take out a snack, even when I wasn't hungry. Not until I'd almost finished eating did I realize I didn't need the food.

I've binged recently, too. My new weight loss journey began on 11/23 and I've lost about 3 pounds since then. But the beginning part of my graph spikes up before it goes down. I gained before I lost because I kept binging. I made myself face it on the bathroom scale anyways.

A few days ago, I was telling my boyfriend about this, why I struggle - it's my emotions, not an actual inability to lose weight - and as I was talking, he went to the bathroom. I stood outside continuing to talk when I paused and said, "...I just bit a cookie." "You aren't supposed to have more cookies." "I know...I'll leave this hear for you." Without thinking, I literally grabbed a cookie off the stove top and bit into it. I didn't even have a craving, I was just nervous. /sigh

I would say at least half of my weight gain has been because of binging.
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