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S/C/G: 151.8/109.4/<110

Height: 5'2"


Thank you so much everyone. I wanted a reminder of what every "decade" looked like on me so that if ever the weight started creeping up I wouldn't be able to deny how much better I looked at goal.

As for what I did; it was a combination of things. I started with a juicefast and then from there gave up pop and fast food and I avoid restaurants. I also became more aware of things like that I didn't eat much fruit (lots of veggies but not much fruit at all) and that I ate more carbs and sugar than I was realizing and that I wasn't drinking much water. I also workout as often as I can using a combo of Jillian Michaels dvds, my eliptical machine or free weights. It really has been little changes besides the fast because I am a Mom of four so I don't have a lot of time to dedicate to what I am eating.
109.4 I've decided to focus on my NSV goals now that I am under 110!!

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