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USER NAME: MuchMoreMuchier, real name Vici


LOCATION: South West of England

AGE: 533

MARITAL STATUS: Living with the love of my life

PETS: 2 cats - Bonnie & Clyde

WORK: I'm an IT Manager which means I spend too much time sitting at a desk!

WHY SOUTH BEACH: I have been on and off of Slimming World for far too long which made me think that it clearly doesn't work for me. After researching the various different ways of losing weight this seems to make the most sense to me, I want to eat well forever not just lose weight for now.

CHALLENGES: My biggest challenge has always been that time of the month, my cravings become unbearable and when I give it takes me too long to jump back up again! I'm hoping SBD will help me with that.

Being sat at a desk all day means I find it hard not to snack mostly out of boredom.

HOBBIES: Reading, cooking, films, hula hoop (although not done this for about a year now!)

REASON FOR WANTING TO LOSE WEIGHT: My weight keeps creeping up, I want to get it under control before it spirals. It makes me unhappy when I look at myself and I didn't used to feel like that. I also want to try for a baby next year and I want to be the healthiest me I can be.
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