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Hi all, plenty of exercise on my part today. I had a really good elliptical workout this morning and I'm not sure my quads were recovered from the weekend. Alas, I just kept going telling myself, 180 more seconds, 157 more seconds, etc. I made it, sweating profusely. After work I took the pups for a 1+ mile walk. It was chilly but gorgeous out. Eating, I at least logged today. I'm at about 1550 cals but it doesn't "feel" right. As though I have forgotten something. C'est la vie. I'll leave it at that.

I decided I would be thankful for LoseIt! and log all my calories over the Thanksgiving weekend because I'll be out of town. I won't sweat the total, just the process of doing it may keep me in control. It certainly can't hurt.

Gayle, find your treadmill. The Endorphins of exercise will help the blues.

Tera, hope all is well.
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