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Ishbel: I loved pasta as well but now that you mention it, I don't really have any desire to eat it lately. Ironically, I have never liked hamburgers with a bun. The bun has always been too filling and I never really enjoyed the taste. Most of the time I would order a hamburger steak, or just take the bun off. Well, a couple of weeks ago I was CRAVING a McDonald's Quarter Pounder with Cheese. I just felt I HAD to have it! I ate it, with the bun, and an order of fries. It made me very full, but surprisingly not as sick as when I have had other foods with wheat. I did end up with a bad migraine though, so I am thinking there were a lot of chemicals in that meal.

This week I am doing P2, out of habit mostly, and because I feel so good when I eat like this. Every single time I add more dairy, wheat, more sugar, etc...I start feeling sluggish and tired. It seems to work for me this way and I feel I can have a treat when I feel like it. My treats seem to be Paleo baked goods mostly, so I guess that's better than a lot of other things. I am curious to see how I do at Thanksgiving. I know I will be having anything that looks yummy to me, but I won't be surprised if I can only eat a small amount. One nice thing is that I get full very fast on heavy foods, but I can eat a huge steak! lol.

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