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dak1lls There are many foods that I can't stomach anymore, I just do not miss pasta where I used to have it weekly. I do indulge in a hamburger on fun day but will take off half the bun. I can stomach 'some' wheat just not a lot of it.

lisa totally get it on keeping stuff out of the house. I started maintenance in May but it wasn't until that Christmas that chocolate was allowed to 'stay' in the house. I remember saying to VIP "ok, so there is left over chocolate and I think I'll put it in the cupboard and see if I can stay away"...that chocolate is still in the cupboard.

lizzy WOOT WOOT for one year in maintenance! Way to go! !!

lolo I always get sinus infections and I'm a HUGE fan of the netipot. But I'm also a fan of advil cold and sinus with antihistamine (which I can't have lol)...getting really tired of being 'sick' as I'm on my second round of antibodics.

maile I have yet to download the refuse to regain book and I'm not sure I want to read it right I'm suppose to be gaining. Might be worth it when I've wrapped my head properly around the creep up. I feel selfish but it's hard to watch even though my cravings are around tomatoes (two weeks of massive amounts of tomatoes lol) and carrots (so far).

Hope everyone has a great day!

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