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Hi all,

Just back from vacay followed by a business trip. It was overall a good experience, I think, although I won't officially WI until Saturday. I had a mini-phase off in preparation for not being on OP during my trip. I was proud of how I handled eating "normally" for 10 days. I had a few treats, a couple of glasses of wine, but didn't overdo anything and didn't have the cravings to overeat or eat tons of carbs like I feared I might. Mostly I found I just couldn't eat as much as I used to - a normal sized dinner just seemed enormous to me! And I found I could enjoy a dinner consisting mostly of protein and veggies and only a small serving of carbs. I think the whole trip was good practice for how maintenance will be.

Tomorrow it's back to phase 1, and I will be using alternative products now. I'm actually looking forward to getting back OP and keeping the losses going!

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