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Originally Posted by wosmama View Post
Hey all, still in my first week OP. The first couple of days I had shakes and was not impressed. I came to 3FC and the recipes are awesome! Today I had:
B: rhubarb crisp - 1 Protidiet Oatmeal pk (unrestricted), 1 c rhubarb baked w/ stevia and cinnamon
L: chili fries - 1 wonderslim zesty chili pk (restricted), 1 c jicama "fries" toss w/ EVOO and baked
D: rotisserie chicken (we have one of those ronco things) w/ cajun seasoning, salad w/ 1 c cukes
S: syntrax nectar fuzzy navel nectar smoothie w/ 1 c spinach

Yesterday I made the oatmeal biscuits and was pretty happy with them! I also roasted brussel sprouts... mmmmmm
Welcome wosmama! The recipes threads are awesome - every time I start getting bored I can always find something to change things up!


B: Vanilla drink box w/coffee & pumpkin pie spice
L: Leek soup w/1 cup mushrooms & bell peppers
S: Lettuce w/1cup cucumbers
D: Big Mac in a bowl
S: white cheddar ridges

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