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Originally Posted by SWP View Post
SW - which IP packs are you eating? Are you measuring your veggies and weighing your meat? Getting all your water? A few more details would help.

Ruth Ann,

I typically eat the chocolate pudding, omlet, wildberry yogurt, and cereal (not all on one day). On days I exercise, I eat 3 nonrestricted and 1 restricted. I definitely drink more than enough water and the right proportion of meat. Sometimes I less vegetables....I wonder if that's the reason for the stall? I guess I would just imagine eating less couldn't really hurt that much....
SWP - be sure to get all your veggies in, that's important not only for the nutrients but for the fiber. I've read that restarting can be a bit slower that the initial go around on IP. There's a "restart" thread that was started recently that has a lot of good info - you might check in there too.

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