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Default Sadly, I'm back

This is the deal: Thru your help, determination, and downright control, 2 yrs ago via the Ideal Protein diet, I lost 43 lbs. This year I have had 3 surgeries and an introduction to a horrible thing called Shingles. I am past the Shingles, but guess what? ALL the weight has come back. I did the whole beat-me-up things for a few months and then got over it. I am back on IP, but I have having real problems with getting hungry late at night. I am following the diet to the letter. Drinking all the water, standing firm to the rules, but around 11pm (the worst time!), my resolve dissolves and I have an IP bar. Last night I went up almost 2 lbs. I need a cheerleader here ladies/gentleman. This is no longer an aesthetic thing for me, it's for my health. Please help me to get past this. All of "I know I can do it" doesn't help. I look to the future and talk to myself about my health, the benefits, that I've done this before so I know I can do it again. None of this helps. It's like my mind won't listen. Please help.

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