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Good Evening, Flowers! Another cold day in my corner of the world, 7 degrees this morning and it made it up to 23 this afternoon. The sunshine makes such a difference even though the wind is blowing. We spent the morning at church but there was only one service at 10. We had to be greeters and then stayed for a ham, chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy, corn, macaroni salad, and bars/cookies dinner. It was very good and especially so since I didn't have to fix it nor clean up afterwards! For some reason I'm tired today, perhaps from being gone all day yesterday. The party included 6 boys who had spent the night so lots of activity. Beth and I went to a Christmas store, and I bought a little girl with a snow cat figurine. It was one of those purchases on a whim but I love it -- need to find a place to put it so I can enjoy it but it won't get broken. Bob is putting the Christmas tree up as I type. Since we didn't put it up last year I was a little concerned what Sonny might do but he has totally ignored it so far. Ernie likes to sleep under it; it's big so there is room for two.

"Gma" -- Do you think once your body gets stabilized that you might be able to take oral meds instead of the injections, or perhaps none at all as you lose weight? For some reason I thought you were starting with the oral kind. I'm glad you are feeling better today! I'm sorry about the mammogram snafu; if it's the same tech, I'd ask for a different one! I'm sure you will start losing again once your body adjusts to the changes.

Maggie -- Will you have to plan things for your brother-in-law to see and do, or is he content to just enjoy your company and visit at home? I'm sorry about the barking dogs the other night; I hope they were inside last night! I fed the deck cat in the carrier this morning and plan to shove her on in tomorrow morning. I don't think she is the same one I took a few weeks ago although the markings are pretty much the same. Either way she will go to a new home spayed, and with shots, etc. You don't have to share your snow with us. There is nothing but sunshine in our forecast for the next few days. I had to at the cat taking RM's sweater. Too funny!

I have laundry going and need to switch loads. I swear it multiplies when I'm not looking! Hope you all enjoy your evening and have a marvelous Monday tomorrow!
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