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I used to be fairly hard on myself. You should be using weights! You should be eating 1200 calories! You shouldn't have unhealthy treats! You're tight on money, you should tough up and job outside! On and on it went!

But what I've decided to do for winter is this - buy a gym membership because $20 a month is cheap if it means staying healthy. If I want to go and jog every day, I'll jog every day. Weights are cool but my goal is to survive the winter when I know my mood will be blah.

If it weren't a bit much, I'd have gotten a rock climbing membership. It's fun and exercises your entire body. Oh, and Tae Bo! I have a Tae Bo DVD and holy's hard. It's about an hour long and totally exhausting but you might find something like that fun.

As for food, my boyfriend points out when I'm eating unhealthy but I explained to him that I can have unhealthy food within reason. If I don't eat any candy, if I never have any fries, never eat a slice of pizza, etc. I'm going to go nuts.

I'm basically in mental survival mode. Maybe if you take a "stay the course" attitude it'll be easier. I find that I get more ambitious once it begins warming back up.

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