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It is S.N.O.W.I.N.G here like crazy!!!! The ground is covered completely and the white fluffy stuff is falling at a crazy rate! It's just not stopping!!

I just looked into the weather forecast (I don't know how I didn't know this beforehand) but we're getting 15-30+ cm of snow today! Or by Sunday. OMG! There is a crazy band of arctic air blowing through and is picking up moisture from the Great Lakes and, voila.... lake effect snow! As the bands pass over, the snow fall is quite heavy and there is literally zero visibility! When the winds switch direction then there is a little bit of calm..... only until the winds switch again!
Okay... enough of the weather lesson... but this is crazy for a first snowfall!

@Nicole: Wow. Fantastic!!! 5lb loss in one week is definitely a cause for celebration!!!! Good for you.

I hope to be doing the 'happy carrot dance' soon! I've already decided that Monday is my day to get back into the groove! Hopefully nothing will come around and sabotage my efforts again... I don't foresee anything down the horizon so I should be okay to stay on track for a while.

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