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I keep going back and forth between 152 and 157! Had my 5th child in April and within 3 weeks I lost all 30 lbs and was back to my 146 pre pregnancy weight. Then, out of no where it started piling back on so upsetting. Makes me think its hormonal or out of my control but I can't think like that. Or I'll never get in gear. So that's why I went looking for just this type of board. My problem is I need to be stricter with myself in two ways. I need to actually eat for starters, I go hours through the day too busy to eat and honestly not even hungry from stress, then bam! Starving all night and too tired to make the right choices. Throughout the years I have done almost every diet out there. Had a lot of success with Atkins and susanne somers. But that requires a lot of cooking or at least prep time in my opinion. I'm short on time so I'm going to try the f-factor diet. I think I'll go get the book tomorrow. Anyone on that or following it? Good luck to everyone!!
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