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Good afternoon ladies. I am back from the dr and though right now I am in a lot of pain, just have to ride it out. The new gyn did a biopsy (which is why I have a lot of pain right now) while I was in the office and after it comes back if all is copecetic, I will be having surgery after the first of the year. He thinks everything is ok enough to do laproscopic and if he gets in there and it isn't possible will then just do an incision hysterectomy. No one like surgery, but I just can't take this anymore. I feel like I have been more than patient.

I did my first injection of insulin last evening. It is really easy to do with the pen, but the needles are really, really small and when I went to put the safety cap on it so we could safely dispose it, I jabbed myself in the thumb! I started the oral meds this morning so am hoping in the next few days I can get my blood sugar back to normal.

Maggie: Thanks for the recipe it looks great!! I didn't think you could have good tasting sugar free desserts and such, but frankly I don't notice the difference. I am not eating a bunch of desserts regardless, but I have tasted some sugar free stuff and except for Jello pudding everything has been quite tasty.

Jean: Holy cow I can't believe it is that cold up there. We are getting a lot of rain, but it is supposedly in the 50's. I don't know, as I am cold! I love peanut brittle and have since I was a kid. I can actually get sugar free, but I am avoiding buying a bunch of sweets because I have to count them in my exchanges/calories and why waste your starches and fruit and fat in pie when you can have it in something else better for you.

Well, gotta run. Have a nice weekend. Tomorrow is haircut and color for me whooopeeee! Faye
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