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Default I'm still alive!

Hi everyone, very sorry about disappearing off the forum, here's what happened.

I decided to get into weight lifting, joined the gym, changed my diet, moved to another forum that was more relevant to what I was going to do (won't name it incase it's not allowed). I started taking supplements like creatine, l-arginine, pre workouts...etc.

Well a couple weeks in I the number on the scales was going up and it was very discouraging, most of it was probably the creatine as it makes you gain up to 7 lbs water weight. I was making good progress muscle building wise but the rising numbers was making me get sloppy and have cheat meals. Then my membership ran out, short on money recently so opted not to re join, motivation was down, stopped intermittent fasting, was slowly crawling back to my old ways. But I won't allow it to happen.

I've decided to stick with what was working for me and go back to what I was doing on here. The other foum I was on was lacking the motivation and support you can get on here. I abruptly left the forum at 232lbs, I know weigh around 236 lbs.

I bit off more than I could chew and I really need to get down to a lower bf so I can start lifting again.

I hope you will all accept me back, re-start begins sunday, my short term goal is to get down to around 215-220 by xmas.

I hope you all will accept me back!
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