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Good Morning, Flowers! The sun is shining, the wind is blowing, it's 7 degrees but "feels" like -4! I'm dressed and have had coffee, tried to solve a puzzle on the iPad (no luck), and need to get some laundry going. We are heading to Sioux Falls tomorrow morning for Ian's birthday party. Bob's hometown church ladies make peanut brittle so will stop and pick that up, then on to Beth's and pick them up on our way. Will is still working Saturdays so can't go with us.

Susan -- I did pick up some Christmas stamps so now to find the cards I bought on sale last year. I do know which cupboard they are in! I was thinking I would try and find some Oliver (tractor) suspenders for Bob. I doubt he will wear them but it will be good for a laugh. What do you use in a casserole instead of noodles, to keep it low carb?

Maggie -- Thanks for sharing your meatloaf creation! I've never heard of anyone putting celery and carrots in meatloaf. I really like leftover meatloaf in sandwiches while Bob warms his like the first time around. You mentioned the fur people staying inside; usually Sonny is glued to the sliding doors but he must sense it is colder outside since he is aways back, on the rug looking out. I'm on a mission to catch the deck cat; the guy came to see her and thinks it is the last one I gave him but I don't think so. I will take her to the vet to find out if she is or isn't. He will take her regardless.

"Gma" -- I hope the oral meds will work for you! It was good that Jack could go with you, four ears are always better not to mention the moral support. Good luck with the appointment today! I have some small cans of V-8 juice and poured one over the leftover casserole. It spiced it up and it tasted better than the first time we had it. We got just a light dusting of snow last night. The driveway blew clear and Bob swept the deck for the birds, squirrels, and cats. Glad to hear the plumber won't be visiting you any time soon.

I need to get busy -- dust, and vacuum along with laundry since we won't be here most of tomorrow. There is only one service at church Sunday, with a catered meal. It's Consecration Sunday where the members are supposed to pledge money for the next year. Some do and lots don't. Hope you all enjoy a fantastic Friday today!
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