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Originally Posted by Rockabillygirl View Post
Yay! Today I crossed the 45 lb lost mark! Woo hoooo!
WOW! Congratulations, that is awesome!

Originally Posted by Meeshellee View Post
Has anyone in this group been more hungry lately? I feel like my body is getting used to this ketosis stuff and now I'm more hungry...I don't know if this is because I've added more non-IP branded items (costco protien bars, quest bars, etc) or what the deal is. Anyone else having hunger pains?
Possibly could be the bars. I notice when I eat the restricted bars - don't know if it's the bit higher carbs, or just the yummy sweetness and reminding me of my old carb binges - but it REALLY stirs up my cravings. I have to be very careful if I allow myself to have these. I have found I can only have them at night or I am hungry and craving all day.
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