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Still slogging through this report.

Regarding the waist measurement - the report says it's not helpful to measure waist if bmi is greater than 35, because at that point the bmi alone tells them enough about health risks that the waist measurement adds no new info about risks. So the waist measurement is applicable in the up to 35 bmi crowd.

In addition it says that people that are in the overweight range bmi, but have not other uh health issues (I assume this also means the max waist measurement is not breached,) need to be counseled to not gain any more weight.

It recommends physicians keep checking with their obese patients for "readiness" at each visit for willingness to make a lifestyle change to address their obesity.

Also mentioned are viable diets, deemed reasonably healthy/effective in helping with weight loss IF combined with an energy deficit which I guess means a calorie deficit? I'm not knowledgeable at all about various diets. Here are the names of the recommended diets:

Higher Protein diet
Zone™-type diet
Lacto-avo-vegetarian style
Low-Fat vegan style
Low-Glycemic load
Lower-Fat, high dairy plus low-glycemic index load foods
Macronutrient targeted diets
Mediterranean-style diets
Provision of high-glycemic or low-glycemic load
AHA-style Step 1 diet

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