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I guess I have mixed feelings about this. So many doctors are just appallingly ignorant about weight loss. I remember years ago having one hand me a diet plan which, looking back on it, was very restrictive and not that great foodwise (think cottage cheese and hamburger patties).

A few months ago I had a visit at my allergist's and I noticed on the sheet they gave me after the visit that had what I was supposed to do (all allergy related) at the end it said to see physician for weight management (I was at about a 32 BMI so not heavy enough for WLS). I really felt it was a little strange since this was an allergist. Also, I thought about just how that would work. That is, since when do most physician's give you any real help on weight management? This just seems to support the fiction that people get weight loss help from physicians when that is mostly not the case.

My actual regular family practice doc did mention weight loss to me. I told him I was doing WW and he was approving of that. He didn't really push me so it was OK.

I did get annoyed when every time I went to the allergist that was at the bottom of every sheet they gave me! I finally told them I knew I needed to lose weight, I was on WW and they could give it a rest and not remind me every freaking time I went there. It was starting to make me not even want to come in.
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