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Originally Posted by yespositively View Post
vzubie Lettuce is unlimited-- like spring greens and stuff. Spinach would be considered a vegetable.

Had my second WI today-- -1.4lbs. Not what I had hoped for, even though I understand that's just realistic. Just frustrating when the scale showed a 3lb loss yesterday. My coach also fussed at me for using alternatives. I get that they want you to use the program food but my favorite part about a Quest bar is that you can CHEW it. Can't do that with most of the IP products.

I felt like between that and confessing my McDonalds salad thing last Friday (ate the cheese and 1/3 packet LF dressing since I didn't plan enough meals), I was getting lectured a lot. Not a great day for me and IP.
I can relate...had my second WI today...1.6lbs down. I knew that it would be lower than the first week's loss, but I'm still a little bummed, I was hoping to hit at least two. I'm am thankful, though, that I'm continuing to move in a positive direction.

Originally Posted by calypso58 View Post
Just got home from my first WI. Down 5 pounds and 2.5 inches. I like everything except my fat went up and my waist did not drop at all. But I can't be too upset with the results.
Great job Calypso!

Originally Posted by fishnchik View Post
Hi y'all. I started Nov 12 and had my first WI yesterday. Lost 12 lbs and was shocked. Matter of fact I'm still shocked! But I can't really tell a huge difference in how I look, which is odd.

I travel a lot for my job & will fly from to LA tomorrow which has me worried. Because if the time change I won't be able to have dinner until 6:30 which will be 8:30pm on my body clock. I'm usually hungry & eating dinner by 5:30 or 6:00. Then there will be a similar issue Friday when I return.

I'll take some extra drinks/shakes and hopefully that will tide me over.

Y'all are so inspiring! I'm hoping I can return the favor somewhere along the line.
That's awesome fishnchik! 12lbs is huge! Good luck with your travels, sounds like you have a good plan in place.

Originally Posted by OohLexi View Post
I'm super excited. I made it through my first day yesterday. Very proud of myself. I have a long way to go, but I'm definitely super motivated to see this through. I've seen the success that other people have had with this program at my workplace and I'm only bummed I didn't try it earlier. But.. here's to the holidays on IP!
Way to go!

Yesterday was a little rough. Since I've been OP I haven't really craved anything "off-limits"...when I've wanted something I've found that I wanted it more out of habit than actual desire for it...not yesterday, I really wanted something, anything, that I knew I couldn't have. Yesterday was the first time that I had an alternative protein - Syntrax Nectar - for lunch, makes me wonder if the change triggered something for me?

Have a great day!
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