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Originally Posted by EPAPRN View Post
Hi everyone. I don't know if you remember me, but I've been on and off maintenance since 2/2013. I was about 15 lbs from my goal when I found out I was pregnant and I phased off quickly. I had a miscarriage but stayed on maintenance since we were actively trying. I had another miscarriage in May. Since then I have gained about 13 lbs in total from Feb. I have done a reset, lost 8lbs and and as soon as I hit maintenance again, I gain it back. I had a consult with an infertility specialist and all of my hormone levels are normal, so I don't have hypothyroid or PCOS. I basically eat a P3 breakfast and fat with lunch, carb with dinner. Snacks are fruit, low fat cheese sticks, turkey and Swiss roll ups, peanuts. My coach cannot figure out why I keep gaining and not staying within a range of 5 lbs. I also do a P1 day after a fun day, and I have made the fun day a fun meal instead of a whole day. I have slowly added back exercise, since I have had a back injury that only left me able to walk, slowly. I am playing tennis now and I've started back at the gym with light weights and 30 min of cardio 2-3 times per week.

I am so discouraged right now. I chose this diet and spent so much money on it because it had a great maintenance plan for long term. I feel like such a failure. I know some of this is portion control, and I do like to bake, and even though I don't eat the finished product, I do occasionally sample the batter. Is that enough to make me gain weight?

My coach thinks I am sensitive to carbs and should follow a mostly P3 plan with a fun meal once per week. That's my next step. I am not really happy about it, because I love my fruit and wish I didn't have to restrict it to once daily. I understand bread, potatoes and pasta being somewhat unhealthy, but fruit being restricted goes against my internal feelings lol.

Anyone else have or had this problem? How did you deal with it?
Your post really resonates with me. I am not a breakfast eater so I have a shake each morning. I generally stick to a P2 style of eating on maintenance. I seem to be ok with fats at lunch, which is mostly some cheese and a fattier salad dressing. I have had a couple of dinners with carbs (pasta) but for the most part I do my protein and veggies, like P1, but I don't measure. I also still have my daily snack. I have had fun meals, not really fun days, and follow up with a P1 or P2 day....which essentially seems to be the same thing. I am maintaining my losses so far. I know there are different types of carbs, but I really seem to do the worst with anything containing refined carbs. When I have had sweets I've tried to make them grain free and refined sugar free. Each time I didn't do that I immediately swelled up and bloated. I just know in my heart this is the way I have to eat from now on.

I am no expert, but the first thing I would eliminate is refined sugar and flour. See how it goes and then try some Paleo types of baked goods when you have a sweet tooth. 65x65 recommended a book about carbs that others have read and found very helpful. I just don't remember the name, but perhaps you can find it by doing a search.

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