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Gayle, that's never nice when everybody starts getting sick. Tis the season. I hope you stay doing well.

Tera, at lease T-day celebrations can be healthy. Turkey is a good low cal food. Great job on your calories today. I bet you have abs of steel with all the body sculpting.

I'm at 1526 cals today and I did another vigorous elliptical workout. I could still feel it in my legs 7 hours later. I'm up to two weeks of exceeding my minimum speed/distance on the elliptical. I'd been stuck at not reaching it for months. I'm going about .15 miles farther in the same time as I was a few weeks ago. I definitely kicked it up a notch and I now have a streak.

At work, they started a presidential fitness challenge. It's done with groups (buildings) competing with other groups. Have either of you ever used the site? I was thinking maybe we could add a group of us and see how many point we could rack up with our exercise.
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