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Originally Posted by Meeshellee View Post
Hi all, I actually started the end of July, but I don't think anyone ever started a thread for July starters...but I think I want to be a part of this August group. You guys are rockstars! And still sticking with it in November, very impressive!!
Originally Posted by MidgieMoon View Post
I am back from vacation!~ ! had a great week scuba diving in Honduras, and tried to stay on plan, but wasn't 100% successful. However, I lost 2 inches, and my weight didn't change, so hooray for that.
Welcome Meeshellee, and Welcome Back MidgieMoon! Meeshellee, did you RESTART in July or were you losing already and just started on IP in July? I just see that you've lost 103 lbs!!! But surely not since July?! I know IP works, but..... Whatever timeframe it was doesn't matter - WOW!! What an accomplishment!

Midgie, that is so great that you continued to lose despite being on a great vacation! Way to go! And love the new pic
........Half-way to goal = 37 lbs........
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