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CURRENT PRAYER LIST: ^Prayers^ continue for present needs ...

Thank You GOD, for the gift of Life and your awesome Love; Thank you GOD, for all the blessings you send our way; Thank you GOD, for hearing & answering our prayers for healing today; Thank you GOD, for doctors & surgeons & all medical helpers; Thank you GOD, for providing the best treatments & drugs & the funds to pay for them; Thank you GOD, for family & friends & Prayer Warriors; Thank you GOD, for your Mercy & Grace & Peace & Comfort & Hope & yes, even Joy during these trials we face; Thank you GOD, for our LORD JESUS CHRIST, by whose stripes we are healed; and Thank You GOD, for being such a faithful Father & Friend, one that we can trust & lean on each & every day ... Amen.
(Prayer started by Rosebud)

BARGOO ~ cancer has spread to her brain; getting radiation treatments now; prayers that they will work 100% for her as before; full remission; strength and prevention from more falls; Peace & comfort at this time. Thanks & Praise GOD for our good friend.
Bargoo's Son(s) ~ DAVID: bless his marriage. One has diabetes too: prayers he will be able to make healthier lifestyle choices.
ROSEBUD ~ Cancer has spread to liver and lungs. Chemo started in hospital. Pray for her and her DH, as well as her family, as they are all working through this together.
WILMA'S brother, LARRY ~ on chemo round #2 for tumors on his brain; prayers for healing/shrinkage/removal, comfort, and peace for all. At home again -- PRZ GOD!
ELVISLOVER ~ prayers cancer stays in remission; and would love to have a child soon.
DEE~ Health issues including irregular heartbeats. Pray for doctors to figure out what's causing it.
DEE ~ for AL, who has passed over; esp prayers for peace for his wife, GINA, and family ...
DEE ~ BOSS continues to recover from Mono; DEE herself for grief after losing her furry baby.
KAREN ~ her 2nd grandson (+ stepbrother); custody battle; kids OK & get visits with Mother. Boys will be able to decide where they want to live at end of summer, but things going ok.
KAREN's ~ son, MIKE: had seizures. Praises that he's doing much better and in a new home with support!
JENNA C ~ 22 y/o; rare cancer: Rabdomyosarcoma; in hospital getting treatments; bless doctors with wisdom; prayers for healing, comfort from nausea, and peaced for JENNA & her family. Treatments and chemo continuing as of 11/21.
RONNI's Mom, JUNE ~ schizo-bipolar: needs to continue meds.
PATTY H ~ back issues & Fibromyalgia: pray for remission; good nursing school grades.
PATTY's SON ~ heal ear infection & lump on bone; restore hearing; needs job.
TRISH ~ Praize GOD for improved home situation. PRAIZE GOD -- Toni's surgery was successful. Prayers for complete healing. Restoration of finances; blessings. Son's broken ankle to heal quickly. DGD Hannah with severe pain and health issues.
NELLY ~ increased income: mechanic's garage; needs: personal, car, home, schooling. Spring & latter rains for a great garden this year; PRZ GOD: her heart is fine ...
NELLY's MIL, ELSIE ~ early stage breast cancer; options good. FIL: health issues too.
BOOTSIE ~ cholesterol levels normal; David prayers for improved health; protection from wild animals; Thank You for rain for Bourke County, Texas.
ROSEBUD's ~ BIL, TOM M; contain aneurysm; pain relief (mild lower back pain); better appetite; peace for his wife, Denise.
ROSEBUD's DAD ~ BILL S: praise GOD, he is doing well with the chemo & radiation (nausea meds helping a lot). Prayers tumor in abdomen shrinks for surgery in September. Wife *GRACE* had bladder removed successfully; please pray for relief of pain & adjustment to urine bag. Son, JEFF R; heart attack; stressed: he needs a job that isn't too physically taxing.
ROSEBUD's Brother, RPS ~ struggling: pain & loneliness, turning to alcohol again. Jesus, we pray for a release from this bondage to alcohol: please set this captive free; filling him with peace of mind, body & spirit through your blessed Holy Spirit. May he find comfort in loving family & friends, but mostly in YOU! May your Kingdom (Spirit) come upon him; and your will be done in his life. Bless him for the help he has been giving us all: gives him a sense of purpose. His knee is getting better on its own; so surgery has been postponed. PRZ GOD -- answers to prayer ...
ROSEBUD's DH ~ Alzheimer's; PEACE & Joy of Spirit; positive attitude/words; peaceful & healing sleep. May your Kingdom (Spirit/Love) come upon him, and your will be done in his life. May GOD grant him Serenity about not driving (he is getting better). Wisdom to handle moods. New meds are helping with his hallucinations & fears; PRAISE GOD!!!
ROSEBUD's SISTER & BIL ~ SIS: good health; BIL`s knee & back; PRAIZE GOD -- a positive answer came regarding future of home. PRZ GOD: house issues resolved well. PRZ GOD -- new work plan is going well. Special grace with her job, so she can retire with a full pension. Thanks.
ROSEBUD's ~ UNCLE GARNET has gone home; prayers for his family.
Rosebud's cousin ~ SHELLEY -- stress eczema; peace for all (daughter/DH).
Rosebud's cousin ~ CINDY S -- blood pressure back to normal; less stress & healthy lifestyle choices.
ANGELIC M -- lung cancer; had cancer surgery in ear to stop spread to brain; alcoholic: abusive alcoholic upbringing. Whole family needs healing & GOD's LOVE & Grace; compassion for one another & others.

Please let me know of changes, additions, updates. I can't promise to do as good a job as Rosebud in keeping the list, but I'll try. God bless you all!

7/18/12 became wheat- and dairy-free @ 235 pounds

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